Saturday, January 07, 2017

January 2017 Update

Far out!

Island Delta was released on the iOS couple of weeks ago. First off, we want to thank everyone who gave the game a chance and supported us! 💗

Here's what's happening now: the first patch is almost done. We're expecting it to hit the AppStore next week!

Android version is being worked on and it'll be released in the coming weeks, but we can't give more accurate date just yet.

So what else?

In addition to keep patching the game and developing the Android version, we've also started working on a PC-version. Rest assured, a simple port it is not. It'll be sort of an enhanced version of the game. Visual and audio improvements perhaps? Let's see:

  • Dynamic lighting? Yep.
  • New shaders with reflective properties and normal mapping? Yes definitely.
  • Higher resolution textures and models? Indubitably.
  • More animations? Critical death animations? Oh yeahh!
  • BLOOM?! Oh hell yes.
  • Improved HUD, more suitable for the PC's? Most definitely.
  • Height based fog, anti-aliasing, color grading, dof, etc.? Absolutely. All that visual jazz.
  • More sound effects and ambience sounds? That's a given.

But most importantly: The Control Scheme!
It will be reworked to respect the new platform and allow customization. We'll be bumping up the difficulty and every level will get serious overhaul. There will be more puzzles, traps, enemies, power-ups and items. We're also going to add about 3-5 more levels to the game (these will be patched into mobile versions as well).

Experimenting with shaders and dynamic lighting

We see the PC version as a chance to take the game further. We're going to bring some of the improvements back into mobile versions as well (as many as we can), in forms of patches, so every platform will benefit!

Testing fog, filters, new materials, on PC

This whole development process will be documented on this blog so if you're into that sort of stuff, bookmark this blog and spread the word!

So what's the schedule then?
We'll be aiming to release the PC version early this spring, sometime in March-April. It'll be seen how far off we are with this optimistic deadline estimation (tee-hee).
Also, we're planning to make a public alpha at some point so stick around!

-Team Delta/Mantisbite