Saturday, December 12, 2015

New enemies and other improvements

   It seemed that just throwing enemies around was a bit too easy way to get rid of them in the game, so we gave the Guard units a shield that activates after one throw. The shield prevents further gravity gun grabs but doesn't stop projectiles, so it forces player to figure some other way to deal with them permanently. So far we're loving this extra challenge!

Smaller version of the original CraBot

   Some more casual enemies are also introduced, so meet Little Plasmabot & Little Crabot! The Plasmabot turned out almost too cute and we feel a bit bad for blowing them up all the time, but it's still fun! These new units are weaker than others but more numerous, and more of them usually appear after player destroys them. This adds some spice and nice challenge to the game.

The mighty Plasmabot

   Based on our testers feedback, we've also made some much needed overall improvements to gravity gun usage and player movement. After removing many input and gravity gun delays, we feel the controls are now a lot better. There's still things to improve, but we're confident that we'll get it right soon.

Stay tuned for a new post sometime next week!