Saturday, May 31, 2014

Unity 4.5 Animator improvement

Have to sync your animation event accurately to physics? It just got easier with Unity 4.5. Now you have this little extra parameter at your disposal:

"Updates the animator during the physic loop in order to have the animation system synchronized with the physics engine." -

Earlier we had a problem with syncing a climbing animation to rigidbody movement. It had to be frame accurate, but the animation would sometimes trigger one frame too early or too late. It was unpredictable.

Unity 4.5 to the rescue - the AnimatorUpdateMode worked its magic. Combining it with WaitForFixedUpdate() yields a nice solid result.

Small victories!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Introducing the CraBot unit

This post is a small making-of about the first enemy unit we have in the game. There's also some ramblings about tools and workflow.

"Crabot is a standard enemy unit, a security robot that is found patrolling in various locations around the bases and labs of Island Delta. These crab-like contraptions use their claws with deadly accuracy and efficiency against all intruders."

The model and animations

CraBot was originally modeled and uv mapped in MODO 701. I personally like the modeling & uv mapping tools with some great 3rd party scripts to ease the process:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First screenshots

Here's a bunch of early screenshots from the first part (out of three) of the game!
The first chapter focuses mainly on a high-tech base and the area surrounding it.

First, some notes about the screenshots:
  • The GUI is temporary, only for our own testing purposes
  • The environment is missing some details (such as proper decals and decorations)
  • Character lighting and shadows are not fully implemented yet

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Welcome to Island Delta development blog!

Island Delta is an action and puzzle game with an intriguing storyline that takes place in peculiar surroundings. The game is currently in development for the iOS platform.

We are updating this blog regularly and what you can expect to find here is screenshots, gameplay videos, unit/enemy introductions, small making-of's of assets and concept art.

What's the game all about then?

The gameplay focus is in action and puzzle solving. The player assumes the role of a master thief who specializes in agility, espionage and finesse rather than deadly tactics.