Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Welcome to Island Delta development blog!

Island Delta is an action and puzzle game with an intriguing storyline that takes place in peculiar surroundings. The game is currently in development for the iOS platform.

We are updating this blog regularly and what you can expect to find here is screenshots, gameplay videos, unit/enemy introductions, small making-of's of assets and concept art.

What's the game all about then?

The gameplay focus is in action and puzzle solving. The player assumes the role of a master thief who specializes in agility, espionage and finesse rather than deadly tactics.

The action portion of the game includes climbing, using rope gun in various ways (more about this later in another posts), avoiding and/or disabling enemies and using different items as weapons with correct timing.

Puzzle solving involves various skills such as lockpicking, computer hacking, and a small collection of items for different purposes. For example, you can disable an entire room full of enemies with sleep gas and air ventilation system. Computer hacking allows you to do various things such as:
  • open and jam doors
  • hack security bots to attack other bots or break down doors
  • cause an alarm to a specific location to distract enemies

All obstacles and puzzles usually have two different solutions. In short, the gameplay is built upon using the environment to your advantage.

Anyways, this blog will update with more material on regular basis.

Stay tuned!