Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July project status update

Some of the new decals

It's almost the end of July and things are progressing, albeit slower than originally scheduled; real life has slowed things down temporarily and also it's the hottest month of the year right now so that takes a beer related toll on all of us. The situation is normalizing now though and tons of work has been done.

Edit (August 02): one of our screenshots is selected as Image Of The Day @GameDev.net screenshot showdown! How cool!
We've been working on pretty much everything related to the game such as design, mechanics, backstory, characters, assets and even some sound work. We noticed that some of the core functions of the game were actually not as functioning as they should be, so there has been a lot of planning and re-tweaking some key features.

Now let's get specific...'ish.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Enemy AI behavior

What makes the enemies tick? A lot more than two weeks ago, that's for sure.

Recent weeks have been focused mainly on game design, but there has also been some steps forward regarding the enemy AI. Few improvements to mention are that the enemies now react to sounds and suspicious noises, and seek to investigate their source.