Saturday, November 15, 2014

Introducing... The Turrets!

This time we'll continue the tradition of introducing the different types of enemies you'll encounter in the game.

Turrets are automated, stationary guardians of the Island Delta complex. They are equipped with a variety of weaponry, including ear-devastating grenade launchers and tissue slicing heavy laser cannons and plasma projectiles.

To make up for their inability to chase down intruders, they are sturdy and rather difficult to destroy.
However, they are vulnerable to hacking and some of them can be turned against their fellow guards. To make things even more interesting, there are different ways to re-direct their projectiles and cause havoc amidst the enemy ranks!

Here is a quick description of the turrets that we've been working on so far:

Plasma Turret

This is the basic turret type that shoots at intruders on sight. It has a variable fire-rate and shoots lethal plasma projectiles which can be evaded or re-directed with skillful playing style.

Laser Turret

Shoots a very deadly laser beam that cuts through all organic tissue. These turrets are seldom alone which makes them even more dangerous. The laser beam can be strategically reflected though! Always wished to end up in a stew? Stand in front of this.

Grenade Turret

A necessary addition to security against any unwanted personnel, the Grenade Turrets are usually found outside, guarding the perimeters where they wait on foolish intruders who wish to get their limbs separated from the torso.

WallBot Turret

This bot lives inside the walls and emerges when an intruder is detected. They come in different variations and weapons. It's a very quick unit and extremely lethal because they're often placed in tight corridors and other strategically important spots.

Tesla Tower

While not classified as a turret per se, the Tesla Tower is no less deadly, zapping any living creature within a certain radius. It's not the most reliable of weapons as it can't really tell a foe from a friend. Roasted people all around!

We do have a few more turret and bot types in development but more information will be revealed about them after they're properly implemented.

That's it for this post. We're going to write a post soon about our new gameplay features which we've been developing for weeks. It's going to be awesome, so stick around and thanks for reading!