Sunday, November 23, 2014

Status of art assets

This is just a very quick update. Here's our latest #screenshotsaturday... shot; guards taking care of their physique:

Guards keeping in shape

I'm currently adding missing assets to the game and getting stuff ready for all the required levels of the first third of the game. There's not much missing anymore, and today I'll be focusing on new decals and effects work. I'm constantly updating old assets but also being very aware of the fact that it's a never-ending task; everything can always be improved but one has to set limits and focus on the big goal...

Soon it's time to start focusing on outdoor assets; all the plants, rocks, cliffs, caves and such loudly demand my attention. I've done some preliminary work already and I'm sharping my pencils to sketch things on paper for a change.

I've also been working on a couple of new enemy units which will be presented later. They will bring new life and challenge to the game. Current enemy units have got their share of improvements too and new animation states are added when needed (more death animations!), and general look updates happen when I think something looks crappy.

Also, civilians! (they do have strategic value)

Blocking out lab workers

The gameplay itself has been improved a whole ton and we'll write up about it soon. Timo has been working hard to polish the core of the game to something really cool and improved. Once I get my artwork up to date, we'll be showing it all with a thorough post and a new video or two.

I thank you for reading and do keep coming back for more updates!

- Sami