Thursday, April 23, 2015

April status update

Lately we've been fixing various bugs and dealing with some Unity 5 transition problems. While the switch from 4.6 to 5 was easy overall, small problems keep arising and need fixing. Getting the demo to run perfectly has been quite a big task.

There's been moments of doubt, mainly us being painfully aware that the project is very complex with our current resources. The game has physics-bending contraptions, many different kind of enemies with a wide variety of behaviors, lots of maps with puzzles, combat scenes and storyline.

We have included different elements like electricity, laser and plasma, as well as a hacking minigame with many different uses. There will be varying scenery, storyline and dialogues, as well as a rich sound and music ambiance to make the world feel more real. All of these things are done by the two of us, so the workload is indeed quite immense, and can even feel overwhelming at times.

Some new animation states for the guard

When combined all of this with constant bug fixing and other improvements to make the game feel like a million bucks on the target platform, it sometimes means that deadlines are deemed to be too optimistic, and our activity on the blog and twitter can suffer for it. We're making it our goal to update the blog more often though, but it's a continuing learning process and we prefer to talk about bigger milestones instead of showing minor updates with recycled material.

Despite the problems and the scale of the project, it is our unwavering decision that it will get finished properly and hopefully the final product will bring something a bit different to the mobile market.

What happens next?

While we are still fixing bugs and improving the gameplay of the closed demo, we are working hard for the public beta as well. Schedules are very hard to predict as always, so further information will be published when they become more clear to us.

Oh, and in case you have missed our Twitter and Facebook feeds, we posted a short video about 2 weeks ago, demonstrating that the game actually DOES run on iPad:

Also another little clip from the demo build:

As always, we really appreciate the interest and support you guys are showing for our project and we're happy to continue sharing the progress!