Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October Update 2015!

   Long time no updates, boo! Here's a quick status update to revive the blog.
We've been working on improving basic gameplay based on the feedback from our alpha testers and the work continues. The feedback has been very useful in helping us eliminating problems with the basic gameplay and usability. It's also amazing how many bugs can be found using external testers, but luckily all the bugs have been easy to fix so far.

Phones and tablets

   The game has been tested on phones for the first time recently and the results are quite good. It has been great seeing how fluently the game runs on even the older phones such as 4S. One obvious issue with those phones is the ridiculously tiny screen which means we have to adjust the size of various UI elements and camera fov among other things.

All the iPad's run the game great, but there's some fill-rate related issues with iPad 3 (the first one with the retina display) regarding some UI elements. Other than that the game seems to run great!

What's next?

   Well, we've locked down all features and are implementing the missing ones. There's some reeaaally cool stuff being implemented at the moment and as we're building more and more levels, the story elements are progressing as well. We can't wait to show the progress soon!

On the visual front, new models and textures are being built daily and we're going to accomplish TONS before the year is over.

It has become painfully obvious though, that the game won't hit the stores this year but we're confident that it'll see the light of day around first quarter of 2016. We're in the process of starting our own game company and it is taking some time. These are exciting times nonetheless!

As we're planning to hit public beta sometime early 2016, we're working our asses off implementing the final gameplay features, creating missing graphics assets and sound effects, adding proper tutorials, new units, building levels and menu's.

That's it for this post, thanks for reading!

-Timo Kuronen
-Sami Kuronen