Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Project Status Update

So... what's happening?

(animated .gif's everywhere!)

We're currently working our asses off to get the game into a fully playable state with all the currently implemented mechanics working nicely together. When we'll hit this very important milestone, there's going to be a trailer video in it for you, showing the actual game play (yeah, it's about time)! This is to be expected sometime during the first two weeks of July. Of course we'll continue updating the blog during this massive task.

Artsy bits

GUI work has begun. I've got about 10 action buttons and item graphics to show later when I get to finish them all. Here's a small sample:

Also everything that gives feedback to the player about what's happening, such as collectible item effects, score counters, rewards, particle effects, explosions, lasers, electrical shocks, etc. are all underway.

There's been some major improvements on lighting. I'm constantly fine-tuning the settings and improving my workflow with lightmapping. Here's a few shots with different light setups:

Running on the pipes

There's something very valuable inside the vault...

Coool wires, and dudes in t-poses

Fixerbot, he be fixin'

There's interesting and varied level design in the works and we'll be updating the blog with a lot more images and videos SOON... 'ish.


The technical side

Past week has been mostly about fixing and adjusting existing components rather than creating new ones. Most recent focus on scripting has been the fine tuning of the mechanics around the player, including abilities such as climbing and ”travelling” on moving platforms. Latter proved quite challenging, but was successfully implemented in the end.

All in all this means that we are very close to having the player movement system ready, which is important since I feel it's one of the most important aspects of any game. From there on out, it's only a matter of fine-tuning and balancing it to perfection.

To be continued...