Sunday, June 08, 2014

Introducing the FixerBot unit

"FixerBot - He'll happily fix all the things you break!"

This unit is a fun one since it's not just another aggressive enemy. It's also far from being a passive decorative unit because it affects gameplay in many different ways: it can revive other bots that have been disabled and open doors that are impossible to open otherwise. That's not all of it though...

We're working on fun mechanisms that allow the player to hack FixerBots to manipulate the game surroundings in various ways. More of this later as things progress.

Just for fun, here's a video showing FixerBot working on a broken CraBot:

The model and animations

The model couldn't get much simpler since it's just cylinders and spheres with a healthy doze of stretched cubes, extruded faces and minerals. Animating it is quite fun and I hope I manage to breathe some personality into it.

No crazy animation curves here..

Concept art

FixerBot fixing a broken CraBot