Friday, July 03, 2015

Fixerbot got sounds

Just a quick post!

I've added some sound effects to FixerBot and as a result, he's a lot more perky and alive. This unit has been neglected for some time, but it is now added back to the game and is fully functional with sounds.

Some words about the sound workflow

When the need for sound effects arise, I usually browse a couple of sound banks for material, but sometimes we record our own material with the lovely Zoom H2 (hooray for product placement!).

   I search for some nice sound bites which I then cut & paste & mash together with a lovely tracker called Renoise and occasionally do some additional tweaking with Adobe Audition. The sounds are then imported to Unity.

Renoise - the most beautiful DAW there is
Renoise - the most beautiful DAW there is

  Our SoundManager component is responsible for playing & stopping/fading the sounds, setting up their parameters and varying their pitch and volume slightly. The character animations trigger the sounds by animation events. It's quite a nice way to get accurate timings. This is the way all character and environment sounds are triggered when animation is involved.

The FixerBot is now operational and ready to make the player's life a bit more difficult.

A post about creating variations of enemies and breakable environment objects will hit the internet next week. Cheers!

-Sami Kuronen