Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 2016 Status Update!

  Alrighty, things are shaping and coming up milhouse, but is it done yet? No! Almost.
All the levels are done, decorated, lit, tweaked, and continuously improved upon.

UI needs some further tweaking and all the levels will get more interesting secret areas while we keep adding missing sounds to every asset and event that needs it.

Changes & optimization

  Some changes to controls happened recently which has been keeping us busy in a good way.
Inspired by this experiment, we're going to take one last critical look on everything and improve what we can while keeping the project moving towards a release.

  Some graphical optimizations were made recently, combining the materials and textures of every enemy bot unit into one. The same was done for human enemies & workers, and for the two player characters.

Glowing goggles, glowing weapon & bot -parts, more impressive in motion of course ;P

  The shader for all characters was a simple customized lightprobe-receiving-texture-shader, but now it also uses emission (based on texture alpha channel) to get all the lights glowing. Looks quite nice in dark levels.

Character art

  High-res character art is happening and here's some examples. Meet Doctor Gunderson, the villain of the game:

The last missing dialog portraits were added recently. What's missing now is the intro- and outro
sequences, but they're underway.

Small sample of dialog faces

  Environment art will be polished a bit with some added texture painting. The work is almost done. Surprising amount of variety is now achieved due to recent changes to wall textures. It makes it possible to triple the amount of variety on some of the basic assets.


  It is now complete and delivered to us! It consists of 11 songs. It is an awesome soundtrack and here's some samples:

Visit the artist's website here: ZESTNUT

What's next?

  We're evaluating a big task that is porting the project to Unity 5.4, or 5.3 depending on stability
and performance of 5.4. This is something we'd prefer not to do, but it's becoming obvious we have to. It's happening lastly though, so more about that in later posts if we'll decide to upgrade.

The project is almost done, but we'll continue to document the rest of the process till the end.
Thanks for reading!